EP-   Enhanced Performance 


EF is a cardio based program.  It involves short high intensity cardio sessions mixed with longer lower intensity bouts of cardio aiming to improve your aerobic capacity & create a higher calorie burn.  Our program uses cardiovascular & bodyweight exercises, plyo metrics & light resistance movements.  As part of this program we also include Enhanced Builder & bootcamp as it supplements the training program.

EP is our strength & conditioning program.  We focus on the main lifts (squat, bench, deadlifts, overhead presses & Olympic lifts) as a strength piece & we also incorporate a short high intensity workout incorporating weights, body weight movements & cardio vascular exercises for conditioning.  We use challenging weights to build a stronger more capable body & the workouts are short, tough & intense to get you fitter.  As part of this program we also include bootcamp as it supplements the training program.

EB-   Enhanced Builder

About Us

BC-   Enhanced Bootcamp


We are a small Townsville based Fitness family priding ourselves on lifestyle, results and a community orientated service.
At Enhanced Health we welcome you like family. We know your name, we ask your goals, we see your results and we look forward to serving you and helping you in any way we can.

BC is our general fitness group training program.  It consists of resistance training, HIIT, cardio & body weight exercises.  BC is suitable for all fitness levels & is open to both male & females.  We run two sessions per day & the workout changes daily to keep you challenged & motivated.

EB is a resistance based program focusing on strength, movement & muscle building/tone.  We run a three day split, push, pull, legs twice per week for a four week training block.  Our program uses compound & isolation exercises in straight, super, tri & giant sets with rep ranges of 6-15 working at 50-80% of your strength capacity.  As part of this program we also include Enhanced Fitness & bootcamp as it supplements the training program.

Sip coaches all sessions at Enhanced Health and Fitness.  His style of training is wide and varied as is his knowledge on exercise movement.
From functional training, weight training, strength training, circuit training, muscle building, HIIT & cardiovascular there’s something for everyone.
So if you are looking for a coach that lives & breathes health & fitness, is eager to share their knowledge and keep you motivated & kicking goals Sip is your man.

EF-   Enhanced Fitness